Are you struggling to keep control of what sync tools your employees are using to share data online? If you are then we can help you take control. In the age of the cloud, employees are using their personal Dropbox,Box,Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Drive, etc. accounts to share data among themselves sometimes leaking sensitive data in the process. We at RJ Techies can help you setup and maintain a private enterprise class cloud for your employees to share data without compromising its integrity. The data will always be safe in your in-house server or cluster of servers giving you 100% control over it, and at the same time giving the benefits of the cloud to your employees to sync, share, and collaborate among themselves through an easy to use private workspace. This will be your own private cloud for the third of the price you pay for public services like Dropbox and Box.

We’ll build your private cloud using the popular open source platform ownCloud.  Millions of businesses are using ownCloud to take control of their data, and at the same time ripping the benefits of cloud computing.