The RJ letters in our company logo are the initials for the name Raj and Jose. Raj and Jose met in the summer of 2003 while taking classes at the Computer Ed Institute school in Somerville MA. Soon they became connected by the passion they shared about technology and as time went by they became close friends. After they graduated from school Raj got a job as a contract network engineer at Bank of America while Jose started working as a systems administrator for an international company based in Boston MA. After a year or so when the company where Jose was working at had a Sr. systems administrator opening Raj was brought in and thus they started working together for more than 10 years doing what they love everyday. RJ Techies is the fruition of that passion Raj and Jose share about technology.

Our business core values are:

Passion - Passion for what we do is what gets up in the morning with a smile. Without passion there is no motivation, and without motivation there is no excellence.
Honesty – We know that in order for our clients to trust us we have to be honest in our business. At RJ Techies we make honesty our top priority so we are honest from the beginning with our clients so they know everything they need to know before they start working with us.
Transparency – Transparency go hand and hand with honesty so we are always transparent with our clients. What you see is what you get!